Matthew 25:40
                                                                As you have done it unto the least of these.
This week I met an interesting lady. I had just come out of a business and saw this person standing in a bus shelter.  She was probably in her early 50s.  Reminded me of what my sister Dorothy looked like except she had all of her earthly belongings in a carry on bag, and a few plastic sacks. She asked me what I sold. When I told her, I was expecting to , have a few more moments of conversation and walk away.  She told me she owned a business and needed credit card processing. (Which I sell).   I had my doubts.  But suggested we meet for coffee the next day. (Yesterday.)  Yesterday was an extremely busy day for me.  I had appointments and phone calls to make. I had to make two trips to superior. On the first trip I got a contract signed and had to make a quick trip back to my office to fax it to the home office.  I totally forgot about the lady.  Well I walked into my office and my cell phone goes off. She is asking me where I am and when I will meet her at Hardees in superior.  I do a quick fax and as I do I see a miss signed spot on the contract. (Had the business owner sign in the place I was supposed to, and I signed where she was supposed to.)  Had to make a trip back.  I went in got the signature I needed walked out to head for Hardees to meet her and I hear “Goldy”. There she was.  This lady was dressed in the typical bag lady garb.  She was waiting for a bus.  She asked me for a ride home.  I said sure.  As we drove her language changed.  F….. This F……….. That. If you get the picture.  I needed to find out if this lady actually owned a business or I was being scammed. As we drove the 10 miles from superior to her Home I had a chance to ask her some question. Where is your business located? She admitted she did not own a business.  I figured as much. But it did open a door of communication. I was able to start sharing about Christ.  I did drop her at the place she said she lived.  Nice neighborhood nice house. But as I drove off Father spoke to my spirit.  “A couple small changes in your life and your there.” Scary thought. Will I see her again? She has my number so I am sure she will be calling.  Maybe Father will open doors of communication that can help this person.  The thing to remember is this. Father arranges these meeting for a reason.  Be ready.
Go in peace