Matthew 25:34  
As you have done it unto the least  of  these by brothers you have done it unto me.
I was hit with this tonight as someone close to me was showing the love of Christ that I am not capable of.
That person is my son Jon.  I have given money to strangers, I have prayed with strangers, I have even driven one on a 200 mile round trip on a day that I had many other things to do.  But the choices he is making to be something to one child puts it all to shame.  We are called as believers to be that person  to make a change in one person who will make a change in another person’s life that can literally change eternity.  When I see that put into practice it humbles me.  There are so many of us who go about our lives doing things that make no real difference in eternity, so to see it totally humbles me.  I encourage each and every one of us to take a hard look at ourselves. I encourage each and every one of us to be willing to be that person who can actually be Father hands and feet to bring a new eternity to that other person.
Go in peace