Matthew 25:31-45
                                                               We all get rewards
Sheep to the right, goats to the left.  The sheep get the green pastures; the goats get the hot coals, literally.  The key statement for the whole of this is this. “As you have done it onto the least of these my brethren you have done it onto me.  Out of the condition of a person heart comes either good or evil. Either a person will do well to those around him/her, or they will do evil.  There seems to be no in between here.  The question of the day is this, “will we be a sheep that gets the good stuff, or the goat that goes up in smoke.  Myself, I am not crazy about being a goat. Not even a little bit.  It’s not doing things that are going to keep us from being a sheep or a goat however; it’s the condition of the heart the good springs from.  When one really messes up one can repent of the wrong things one has done, but unless one receives a heart change one is doomed to repeat said action.  When one receives that heart transplant that happens when Christ enters a person via the Holy Spirit then one gets a new heart. It’s only when one gets that new heart that one really sees things changing in ones life.  Those changes become evident by ones actions. Remember when one is in Christ he/she is a new creation.  Being a new creation one has a new heart.   The enemy every day is going to throw at us temptations that will destroy the work of Father. We must be on our Guard at all times against the wiles of the enemy.  He really does want to destroy us. So now is the time to ask “What is my heart condition?”  Protect your heart. 
Go in peace