Matthew 25:14-30                              Where is your talent
Lakeview Christian Academy:   Spring 2012.   Lakeview is a small school with a mascot of a lion.  Tonight they play for the regional championship.  If they win they go to state.  This team of dedicated basketball players has been together for years, and years.  Their passion is the Game.  They as youngsters had two things in common.  Parents who love The Father through The Son by the Spirit, and two a passion for basketball.  The question went through my mind. Why these kids and why now. The answer is found in this parable.  These young men are an example of what being sold out and being willing to use ones talents for the kingdom really means.  All one has to do is look at the Broman brother so see what taking talents given and multiplying them for the Glory of our Father really means.  Anders and Bjorn Broman are up at 5:30 in the morning and off to the YMCA to shoot baskets they make 100 to 150 before school starts.  Then after practice they shoot for another hour.  I had a friend ask me how one knows what talents Father has given that we should be building on.  I asked her a question. Where is your passion?   That is a great place to start.  What is it that you excel at?  From there work to build that talent in such a way as to see God’s kingdom built through it.  We all have talents. Some have many talents some fewer talents. We do have an obligation to grow those talents the best way we can.
Go in peace