Matthew 25:1-13
                                                                    Ten virgins or are we ready?
We have heard this story over and over again.  We are admonished over and over to be ready for Christ return is soon. I would like each and every one of us to ask this question. Are we ready?  There is an old song we used to sing in your group. (That was a long time ago for me.) I wish we had all been ready. Again that question. Are we prepared, or are we like the virgins who did not bring oil for their lamps.  The ones who did not bring oil did end up in darkness.  Father in his great wisdom did give us a manual to use to prepare ourselves, The Bible. The question is, are we reading it?  He has given us great teachers, are we taking the time to learn from them?  He is bringing people across our path, are we sharing with them, or are we not because we have not brought oil for our lamps and our lights are going dim.  It’s time to get prepared for what Father is going to do with you.  Remember he is here with us  in the person of his Holy Spirit.  Christ Is coming back. We need to be telling the world of his greatness.  Remember the world starts with your best friend. 
Go in peace