Matthew 22:34-40

Let’s for a few minutes go back to junior high.  Who were the people you made fun of, or made fun of you?  For me two people come to mind. Bob and Carol.  Towards these two people we were heartless.

We were not good neighbors.  We were like the priests and Levites.  We crossed on the other side.  Christ did not tell us what a good neighbor is, he showed us what a good neighbor is.  He shows us that we are to be that person, who no matter what that other person does, what they look like, or even what they smell like, will take the time to befriend them and show them the love that Christ shows us.  Does not matter how the person was conceived, or the color of their skin.  We have to be Christ to them.  If we look at the Christ he has a humble heart.  All we have to do is look at the Christ in Matthew 11 washing the disciple’s feet to see that.  Remember Father gives grace to the humble, the proud not so much.  Remember Father instructs us to put the needs of other before our own.  As we put the needs of other before our own, as we truly are that good neighbor, Father will reward us with his grace.

Go in peace