Matthew 22:1-14            

                                                We are called to the wedding feast

In 2000 a film was made called the Replacements. The film was based on the football strike of 1997.  The pro football players in the year 1997 went on strike for more of everything. So the owners went out to the highways and byways and found football players who were willing to play.  In this parable we see the King bidding his “Friends” to come to the wedding feast of his son.  Much like the striking football players they would not come, instead they went about doing their own thing.  He sent his servants to the highways and byways to bid anyone who would come, to come.  Many came, but there was one person who showed up and did not have the proper wedding garment, he was removed from the feast.  To bring this illustration home, he had not put on Christ, and was removed from the feast.  You see with the replacement players we saw that there were credible players who were willing to play when the premadonna’s were not willing to be involved.  The call to the wedding feast was first given to Israel, they were not willing, and so the call goes to the gentiles who came.  But there was that one person who had the mind set that all ways lead to God.  Not so.  Only when we put on Christ can we enter into the feast, for without Christ we will be cast out.  The lie that is being put forth today is all religions lead to God.  Not true.  Religion leads to Hell.  An Intimate relationship with Christ leads to a Marriage that makes us one with Father through the Son by the Spirit.  It’s then that’s when  we have peace that is eternal.

Go in Christ’s peace