Matthew 21:23-27

The leaders of the Jews were always trying to trip up the Christ.  Here is the situation,  as he was teaching, crowds were gathering because it was God himself who was teaching. The people did not know it was God, but when God speaks people listen even if they don’t recognize Father’s voice.  The Pharisees tried to get him to admit it was Father’s authority that he was teaching by.  Christ in his infinite wisdom did not answer his question, instead simply asked a question.  (A great sales technique I may add.) This question would be one that they would lose no matter how they answered it.  The baptism of John was it of God or was it not.  Back then baptism was a common thing. People would be baptized showing who they were following.  That is why our creed states ONE baptism for the remission of sins. Back then a person could be baptized several times in their lives showing whose teaching they were following at the time.  So the question of who the baptism was really from was not a flippant one, but one that required an answer.  For to be baptized by the baptism of John was to say you were a follower of God himself, and not a man.  So today the lesson is when we are confronted with a question how are we to respond.  1. Don’t be quick to answer, if it is a serious question then pray quickly and ask Father to give you the answer, it will come. 2. One may want to ascertain the person’s motives.  That is done by asking “That’s an interesting question. Why do you ask it?” That will help you understand what they are really looking for.  3. Answer the question with the truth that can change their lives.  The most important thing one can do after this is be a friend to that person, build relationship with that person.  Then the fun part starts when one can really see that person grown in Christ.

Go in peace