Matthew 21:18-22
                                                                                 Do we really believe it?
One’s beliefs cause actions.  When Father places someone in your care, or places someone in front of you to prayer for, the question one must answer is do I believe what Father says in his book is true?  I believe that when Father puts someone in my path, and instructs me to pray for them, something is going to happen.  I may not know or understand what, but something is going to happen. And that thing our Father is going to do will be good.   We can’t force ourselves to have faith. It is just there.  We can’t force ourselves to believe hard enough, it is something we just know in our hearts.  When we have the trust that Father is doing something doubt may try to crepe in, fear of what not knowing what Father is going to be doing is what may cause us not to act on what we know to be right.  The fact of the matter is this, we know what is right, we know in the depths of our being what is right, we have to step through the paper lion and into what we know Father is leading us to do to see what he is going to accomplish in our lives.  Step through that paper lion; be of good courage, Father has our back.
Go in peace