Matthew 21:12-17

                                                  Has Jesus cleansed your temple?

Interesting question put to us this morning.  When Christ turned over the money changers he was cleaning the dwelling place of the great I Am from corruption.  At the second Christ’s body died on the cross the curtain that separated the Holy of Holies from the rest of the temple was torn top to bottom.  The Holy Spirit left and now has his dwelling place in man and man in the Holy Spirit. We are now the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit.  Our hearts are the temple in which He abides.  The question each of us must ask ourselves is, is my temple clean, or as in the text have I made it a den of robbers and thieves.  We must constantly be on our guard to not fall into the temptations that our enemy lays out before us that would defile our temple.  We must constantly be on our guard; we must constantly seek Fathers protection from what the enemy would suck us into in his attempt to destroy the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  As we take a hard look at ourselves this morning we must be willing to ask this question.  Does my temple need cleaning?  Are there things in my life that must be driven out that are there seeking to destroy me.

As those things are revealed to you simply take the steps to get rid of the garbage, and restore it with the giftings Father gives us, which are new every morning.

Go in peace