Matthew 19:14
Let the Children  come to me.
I want to put a question to each and every one of us today.  How interested are we in Children’s ministry?  I have written here again and again about using the platform we are given to reach the people put in front of us.  Nothing is more important however to our Father than his kids getting reached.  Our Father in heaven loves kids.   I am in the middle of the book Heaven is for real.  It’s a true story of a 3 year old who is allowed to go to heaven during a surgery he is having.  His Dad is the author of the book.  Father had been having people who have read that book come across my path for a year.  Yesterday I had stopped by Designed for Health,  in Cloquet Minnesota, a customer of mine yesterday.  She was really excited about the book.  She put it in my hand and said “read it”.  Colton the little boy in the story keeps bringing out the point “Jesus loves  Children.”   His emphasis on this fact is what caused his dad, a pastor, to devote more energy into kid’s ministries.   If this is something you have any leading at all to do, take a step and see what kids you can touch.  Take a step of Faith just to see what little ones Father will use you to touch.
Go in peace