Matthew 19:1-10  Christ and his Church

                Here Christ is talking about the reasons for divorce.  He gives only one reason for divorce, and that is adultery.  That would be taking ones affections and giving them to a person other than ones spouse.  His disciples ask him a question at the end. “Would it be better for a man just not to marry?  Had lunch with a friend on Saturday, she got really caught up in the royal wedding that took place over the weekend.   She drew the connection to Christ and the Church.   When a person stops running from our Father, receives the forgiveness that is offered through the Son, and now has the Spirit indwelling him/her one becomes “married to God. We become part of the body of Christ.  This is something God has “joined” together.  Adultery can take many forms.   Revelation 2:1-6 Talks about what happens when we walk away from our first love.  Yesterday I saw a couple, been married probably 15 years, couple of kids, He is a mechanic, and she is a business owner running three businesses.   They are totally busy, but the passion for each other and their kids is the number one thing in their lives.  Their faith in Christ comes through in such a powerful way it’s amazing. Millisa and Chad are an amazing couple.  They have their priorities correct.  Their professions are not what drive them, what drives them is being in a position of being able to help others as a team.  They are the picture of  what Christ and His church’s unity  should look  like.  Then I see another couple, been together “sort of” for a lot of years.  She is serving the lord the best she can; he is sold out to the bottle.  One of her sons is into drinking at the same level as Dad, and the other son is not far behind.  One can see the difference in a Christ centered marriage, and one that is not.  I would contend in the latter the bottle has taken his First love and robbed the wife of that person she married.  She has been robbed  of the closeness that she should have had.  Millisa and Chad are the example we as believers should be following, We can be totally busy in our lives, yet we must be sold out to Father through his son the Christ.  We should always go back to our first love for renewal and refreshing before we go out and fight another battle.

Go in peace