Matthew 18:8-9 if your eye causes you to sin pluck it out.

Today we are to civilized to do such things.  But let me ask this question. What is it that you are doing that causes you to stumble?   Maybe it’s not drugs, alcohol, or even porn.  All three are extremely destructive to ones health, and that of your family. However, many other things can be as destructive. Maybe it’s face book.  Maybe it playing games on line?  Maybe it’s allowing it to steal time from your family.  Maybe it’s your career that is taking so much time away from your spouse and children that it is destroying your family.  How does the scripture written over two thousand years ago relate to such things?  Quite simply get rid of those things causing you to stumble.  Be open and honest with yourself, and those who love you and take the steps necessary to be the person Father has created you to be.  Look honestly at your life; get rid of those things which are destroying you and your family.  Seek Fathers face on how he would have you accomplish such things. Walk in his ways and his wisdom.  He will guide you in the way of his righteousness.

Go in peace