Matthew 18:23-35
                                                                      Your unforgivness will kill you.
I have seen bitter folks who just won’t let things go.  They are not happy in their lives. We have all been forgiven of a great many things. As Paul said I am chief among sinners. Imagine if you will a rod. This rod is 24 inches long. And it is electric. It carries extremely high voltage. Low wattage so it won’t kill you right away. But if you pick it up and not find away to let it go it will kill you eventually. It will destroy your heart, your mind, and the rest of you. The longer you hold onto it the weaker you become and the harder it is to let go of.  At first you carry it around like a badge of honor. That rod is the thing that someone has unjustly done to you.  It could be a little thing or a big thing. It “eats” at you. You find you get angry over unrelated things that happen to you.  As days turn into weeks you begin to hate that thing that holds you tighter and tighter. How do you let it go?  There is a song out by a band called third day. Cry out to Jesus. I encourage you to first listen to that song. Get it up on you tube. Then Cry out to Jesus to release you from the bonds that hold you. To forgive that person through you. Ask Father through the Son by the Spirit to turn off the hatred with in you that causes the power to flow from that rod allowing you to let it go.  You heart, mind, and body will be restored.
Go in peace