Matthew 18:10-12

 Do you realize how much you are really worth to our Father?  In this section of scripture Matthew shows the compassion the Christ was showing towards those who are lost.  We are told not to “despise” them for Father will leave the rest of the flock and hunt down his lost sheep.  This is one who has lost their way, wandered off into the wilderness.  I sit here and think of people who are lost.  They are like the sheep, have really lost their way.  This is not talking about those who have rejected the Christ, this is talking of ones that were in the flock but for whatever reason have walked off into the wilderness.  Could be a young person who was raised to believe the truth and decided to set off on their own and find “truth”. Or it could be that person who has had things happen to them which put them into a position of doubting that Father is who he says he is.  There could be a thousand reasons a person would choose to wander off.  But there is one reason Father is going to do everything short of force to bring that person back. That reason is pure agape love. Father demonstrate A love that thinks not of its self but those of his children, us.  So when we look at those around us who seem to be going off on their own direction.  Instead of judging them, pray for them.  When Father brings such into our presence, when they start telling you what’s going on in their lives it’s time to be the voice of one in the wilderness. It’s time to make the paths straight out of the wilderness for these folks and share the words of eternal life.

Be that person that Father uses to bring them back to where they need to be.

Go in peace