Matthew 18:1-5
                                                We must all become like little children
Last night I found myself at The Street Car kitchen and pub in Carlton Minnesota.  Friends of mine own it, and they were having a Monday night football party.  I received a phone call from another friend of mine just at a commercial break. I went outside into the cool night air to take the call.  WE laughed and joked as I stood outside in the cold and watched the game through the window.  I went back into to watch the game.  The Vikings had their heads handed to them so I left early.  On the way home I called my friend back, we discussed some things I am going through, then the conversation turned to a study she is involved in, in her church.  She is working to be part of a new prayer team.  She made a point that really struck with me about how Children pray.    Their prayers are simple to the point, and with great faith.  That relationship my friend is what the Christ is talking about here.  Our Father is not looking for the most eloquent prayer.  He is looking for people who will come to him with the faith and trust as a Child.  Jesus the Christ loves kids.  That part of the Son of the Great I Am always came through loud and clear.  He loves all kids. Old kids and Young kids are loved beyond measure by the God of the universe. All God wants is for all these Children in simple faith and trust to come to him.  When a child comes to the all powerful great I am, and receives his grace through his Son the Christ he adopts that child into himself as the Christ prayed in his final prayer in John 17.  At that point the child with a simple prayer sees God change the relationship from one of the most high from one of master to of loving Father.  All it takes is the simple trust and faith of a Child.  Think of a young child coming to you asking a simple question. You answer it and they walk away believing you.  With our Father we can always trust that when we come just asking a question we will get the right answer.  Trust simple trust thats all Father wants.  Let’s not make it tougher than it needs to be. All we have to do is simply trust.
Go in peace