Matthew 17:1-8
                                                            This is my beloved Son. Listen to him!
The Christ had three men on the mountain with him that day.  Peter, James, and John.  It was not the Christ speaking to them.  It was God the Father sharing his deep loving voice as he told them. This IS my beloved son. Listen to him.  I can’t help but wonder what this world would look like today if we actually did listen to him.  What would happen if everyone actually did love their neighbor? What would happen if everyone treated others like they wanted to be treated?  What would happen if all my fellow business men would do what’s best for the customer in every situation?  What would happen if every teacher looked upon his/her job as a calling and not as a job?  I can tell you this. We would see such a turn around in this world it would amaze even the hardest skeptic.  Today as we go out, let our prayer in every situation be this.  Father through your son Jesus the Christ open my ears to hear you voice.  Show me who I need to talk to.  Touch my heart in a way that will be evident to all those around me.  In the name of Jesus the Christ Amen.  Let’s do as Father says, and listen to his son.
Go in peace