Matthew 16:5-12
                                                                                   The Christ is about marketing.
As I woke very early this morning laying in bed thinking about getting up suddenly a marketing plan came to mind.   As the plans were laid out to me I asked one simple question.  “Father this is going to be an expensive trip, how do I raise the money before I take it.  You see the marketing is for the book Eli greatness begins.  Father has laid the plan out perfectly. It’s a simple plan really. It’s all based on Christ marketing plan.   In Matthew 7:7 Christ said knock and the door will be opened to you.  If we look at Matthew 16:6-12 we see Christ chastising his followers for not trusting that he would be providing for their needs.    My trip will take me through the northern part of Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, maybe a sliver of Idaho and finally Oregon. Coming back the route will be slightly more southern.  I will drop down through the more southern part of Montana, run through Wyoming, will hit Casper eventually winding up in Cheyenne.  I will cruise across Neb. Hitting small towns and big cities.   Finally I will hit Iowa and work my way back to Minnesota.   The disciples did their work on donkeys. I will be working from my Motorcycle.  It’s gonna be an interesting summer. Pray that the book does exactly What God intends for it to do.  Lives will be changed and they will be having so much fun reading Eli they won’t even know it.
Go in peace