Matthew 16:3-12
                                                                What does the leaven represent?
When was the last time you found yourself in a situation where sin, one that no one would ever find out about, was sitting in front of you saying here I am?  Did you walk away, or did you indulge.  But the question we need to be able to ask ourselves in that situation is as follows.  If I take this step what is the next logical step  that this could lead to?  If I take this step what will be the outcomes years down the line?  What ministries am I involved with that the consequences of this choice could destroy?  For most of his live Sampson was an honorable man. Yet in a split second he turned and went down a path that lead to his destruction, and the destruction of what he could do in God’s kingdom.  We each have things Father has set for us to do.  They rely on two things for us to accomplish them.  One is Father himself. And two, our being focused on what Father has laid out for us to accomplish.  The key here is being focused on what Father has for us to accomplish through his Son by his Spirit.  It’s our choice what everyday, if we want what Father is offering us or not.  To choose not is a very dangerous thing for us and our families.  When we choose to go with what Father has before us things are going to go well.  When we choose other wise………… well, the choice is ours to do so.  The choice really is ours.  Remember to love one has to have the choice not to love.  But by choosing what Father has is to buy into love itself.
Go in peace