Matthew 16:24-28
                                                                                What good does it do to gain the world?
                There are two kinds of people in this world.   They are Givers and takers.  We see givers and takers on all economic strata.    We see the people who have the cold me focused selfishness that drives their very being. Then there are the heart felt givers.  There are people among this group of people who have, because of Fathers grace, and their willingness to give back into Fathers kingdom been given the means to help in a big way.   These people look for the opportunities that Father places in front of them to be a vehicle of our Fathers grace and Love.  Again these types of people are seen on every economic stratum.  When Father places a need in front of them they meet it.  That my friend is what we are all called to do.  We are called to look beyond ourselves and look at meeting the needs of others.   This should be active in every part of our lives.  With our spouses, with our Children, in business, church, friendships.  As we look to meeting the needs of others. As we look at being that instrument that Father can truly use. Then we will find that those around us as well as ourselves will be truly blessed by our Father in heaven. 
Go in peace