Matthew 16:21-25
                                                Let nothing distract you from the mission set before you.
Christ knew what he had to do, yet Peter one moment is telling The Christ he is God and the next telling him not to go to the cross.  I have a question that each and every one of us must answer for ourselves.   What has Father laid out for you to accomplish, and what is the enemy trying to use to distract you from that purpose.   The distraction can actually be a logical, good, and nice thing.  The only problem is this. It’s not what Father wants our attention drawn to at that point in time.   Don’t get me wrong. When Father lays out a plan we have to follow that plan to a T.  We have to plan the steps that Father is putting on our heart for that plan to be accomplished.  We cannot, we must not allow ourselves to be distracted from that which Father is putting before us to accomplish.  Peter in the above scripture tried to talk the Christ out of going to the cross.  Christ eyes were on the prize of mans redemption. He would not be deterred.   Here is the situation we are in.  We have the words of eternal life. We are each given words that will touch people’s hearts at one point in their lives or another.  We have to be as focused on delivering the words of Eternal life as the Christ himself was going to the cross to pay the price so we all could enter into Father Presence.  So we each could actually have the Spirit of the Most High God himself living within our spirit.   AS we share the Christ with others then they also can experience the grace and fullness that comes to us from the Father, by the Son, through the Spirit we will see their lives changed forever. Don’t be distracted.
Go in peace