Matthew 16:21-23
                                                                The Christ was focused on why Father sent him.
In this portion of scripture Jesus says to Peter, “Get behind me Satan, your mindful of the things of men and not of God. “  At this point the followers of Christ were still looking to him to restore greatness to Israel as a nation.  The thought of him being physically killed for man’s redemption was not something they could grasp.  Jesus the Christ knew what Father had sent him to this little blue planet to accomplish.  He understood that man’s relationship with God the Father was at stake.  He understood that the Holy Spirits indwelling of man was contingent on man’s purification, and that could only happen when the Christ of God would shed his pure blood on the cross, and walk out of the grave ending Satan’s grip on man. He understood he was the absolute victory and redemption that started the second man fell in the garden.  He knew this is why he came and would not be deterred from what his Father sent him to do.  The question for the morning is this.  What has Father created you to do, and are you being deterred from it?   Imagine for a second you standing at an engineers table.  You see the grand plan for the project that is set before you to accomplish. It’s a grand plan that will improve the lives of all the people in the region.  But there is in the room a person who does not want that project to go forward.  He hates the person who is working to complete it.  He is standing right beside you and starts to whisper in your ear that it won’t work, that it will a huge waste of money and time, just give up and walk away.  You turn to this person, tell him to get out of your way, and continue on with the project.  In doing so you have created a pipe line of water from the ocean to the desert, this pipe line runs from the water purification plant taking the salt out of the water.  This pure water will allow food to be grown in the desert and bring new land for man to build homes, and grow forests that wild life will inhabit for ever.  You will see a profit from this in the first year.   My friends don’t let the enemy of your souls put a stop to what Father has created you to do.  Father’s purpose cannot be stopped.  Each and every one of us has a part in that purpose.  We each need to follow the example of the Christ and not be deterred from that thing which Father has called us to do.  Remember we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength.  The question is will we do it.
Go in peace