Matthew 16:1-12
                                                                     What you gonna do with it?
For the last couple days the church I am a member of has had a special speaker come in.  Mickey and Barb Robinson. He is a very dynamic speaker with a great healing ministry that touches lives wherever he goes.  People are getting very excited.  There are those who jump from “special” event to special events just to see God’s working.  That’s what their faith is built on.  This saddens me.  These people are like the Pharisees, they seek after signs.  Those signs my friends are not what our faith should be based on.  Our faith has to be based on a personal on going daily relationship with the Master himself.   Christ is in the business of touching lives in a way that changes every day experiences into something that can be used to touch those around us in a way that will change their lives forever and also all the people they come in contact with.  Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate the ministry that happens when someone comes into the body from outside that is walking with our Father in such a close intimate way that brings an excitement to the body.   The question is what do we do with that excitement when a person brought in leaves.   If we don’t do something with this the time spent is worthless.  It could be seen as entertainment.  Or do we use what has been imparted to us to improve our communications with Father in such a way that  the dynamic ministry this person has brought us helps  builds our ministry in a way that more and more people are touched.   My contention is this. If we do nothing with it we are no better than the Pharisee that Christ was referring to in this portion of scripture.  The choice is ours.
Choose wisely
Go in peace