Matthew 25:14-40
                                                                                              Parable of the talents.
There have been several times I have been asked, “How do I know what my talents are?”  The answer to this question in most cases what are those things you love to do.  I can hear someone answer with this question. Mike what if what I love to do is not economical, but rather a sport like golf, or playing at a musical instrument in a not so polished way?  The answer to that question is really quite simple.  It’s with another question.  How many people does Father bring you in contact with through your enjoyment of the given sport that could really use a divine touch?  The fact of the matter is this; Father will use us to touch people through our gifting no matter what situation we find ourselves in.  Do you love to play golf?  Instead of finding someone of like mind to play with, start going to the course from time to time to see who Father matches you up with.  It is of the utmost importance that we are aware of our “gifting” and using them in a way that expands Fathers kingdom.   Today go out and have fun, but look for the ways Father is going to use your fun time to touch the lives he brings in contact with you. 
Go in peace