Matthew 14:25-30
                                                                Father gives us all talents, what are yours?
Before we were conceived Father planned us. In his mind he conceived the person we would become and the talents he would instill in us for His glory.  In the book Father had me write Eli greatness begins, due out in September, we see a young man totally focused on baseball. He works and works to become the greatest pitcher Father ever created.  We see throughout the book a young man with a secret ambition and how his gifting of being able to throw a baseball and his music drives him to accomplish that which Father has created him to do. We see through the book how Father will use our gifting for his glory if we let him and are willing to put our total being into what Father has created us to do.  First we need to ascertain what our gifting are, then we need to work on those gifting in such a way that we can be that good and faithful servant.  When someone asks me what there giftings are I ask them one question.  Where is your passion? What is it you feel driven to do?  What is your secular position?  Is it something your passionate about, or is it a paycheck?  Do you enjoy music? Writing?  Do you work on cars? Where is your passion?  Once you understand that point simply pray. Father how do I use this for your kingdom?  Do you enjoy playing video games?  Start to explore deep in your mind this simple question. Turn it into a prayer. Father how do I use this passion to expand your kingdom?   He will show you if you’re willing to listen.
Go in peace