Matthew 12:31-32
                                                                                       Unforgivable Sin
             About 10 years ago I was led to the house of a grandmother of an old friend.  I had not seen this friend for a number of years.  At this point in her life I knew she was a pastor with kids, but felt like I needed to go to Park Lake where she used to live.  As I was talking to this woman she told me of her grandson who had the mistaken idea that he could not be saved.  He had just done too many bad things in his life.  Being a big structure and order guy I had her call his dad to get permission for me to talk to him.  We left him a voice mail.  Later that evening I was having dinner with my bride and our 4 kids.  I took the call and it was this young mans father.  A committed Christian in his own right we had a great conversation.  An hour later his son did call me.  We set up an appointment to meet for lunch in the cities before my meeting at Pitney bows later that day.  Over lunch I asked him a simple question.  What were his thoughts on the Holy Spirit?  After his confession that in truth the Holy Spirit is God, was God, and always be the third part of the trinity I pointed out the above scripture.  He had in effect not committed the only sin which there is no forgiveness for.   My friend if you know someone who thinks what they have done is so evil God cannot forgive it, you simply need to ask them one simple question.  What do you think of the Holy Spirit?  I would be willing to state this.  They have not committed the unforgivable sin.  Our Father in heaven by the Son through the Holy Spirit is bigger than anything we could possible do.  To say we have done anything that the blood of Christ cannot cleanse is simply not true.
Walk in His forgiveness