Matthew 10:16-26
                                                                What thing must I do to be saved?
I find it interesting the question this rich young ruler puts to the Christ. “What good thing must I do to inherit eternal life?”   This young man was very rich.  He had a great life here on this earth.  Yet he knew he was lacking that one thing to get him eternal life.  From reading this I gleaned he was a can do type of guy.  Give him a task and he would do it.  His money gave him power.   It was that power that was hindering him from becoming all that Father had created him to be.  When he put the above question to the Christ, Jesus new exactly how to answer it.  Put forth the job that he knew he would not be able to complete.  He was told to give up everything and follow the Christ.  The sadness that must have come over the young rich guy would be totally gut wrenching.   But if we look at the end of this portion we would see that with man salvation was impossible but with God all things are possible.   The question for our salvation is not what can we do, it is what did Christ do?  Our whole being needs to be focused on what Christ did and spreading the word there of.  Remember today, with man things may seem impossible.  With God nothing is.
Go in peace