Mathew 18:6-9
                                                                                                  Ever wonder?
Ever wonder why Father created man as a baby.  Why he would start children with a blank slate.  He has given each and every one of us giftings.  When we are first born he looks down on us and smiles. Father sees the potential that we have to accomplish great things in his kingdom.  He has given a warning to each and everyone of us to not just be a care taker of the children he has placed with us for a season, but to do so in a way that is going to nurture that child in a way that he/she can grow and become the greatest, and most useful to Father’s kingdom.   A family comes to mind.  This family has two daughters and a son.  The son is accomplishing some pretty great things in his life.   He married a good Christian girl.  They are raising good Christian kids.  His sisters are polar opposites.    His parents laid out in front of him every stumbling block they possibly could for this young man to accomplish anything. He at a young age knew he had to get out of the situation he was in.  He got hooked up with sports in the small town he was in; he started moving in a direction away from the evil that surrounded him in the only way possible.  He got out and went to college and never looked back.  We as parents have to be careful not to put stumbling blocks in front of our kids that could cause them to stumble.  We are warned that to do so is a very dangerous thing in Father’s eyes.   The challenge for today is?  Clear the path for our kids so they can succeed.
Go in peace