Mark 10:15-16 

                                                                Receive the kingdom as a child

This is the story of one person who through out her life received the kingdom with child like faith. Her name is Helen Haggy.  She is my mother in law.  This woman modeled the above scripture in a way that was mind boggling. She never had bad word to say about anyone, just that child like faith.  If it was written in the bible she just took it at face value and walked in it.   She lives a life of quiet faith.  The lesson for each of us screams at us in subdued tones.  The life we are given is given for us to live with this child like faith.  It is given for us to walk in the grace and cumfo0rt that only Father can give.  True wealth is not something that can have our hands put to.  It is not something that we can ride in, live in, or spend.  It is a quiet spirit of total trust in our Father that our children will see and marvel at.  Faith is not something we manufacture; it is a gift from our Father in heaven.  Helen all through her life modeled this faith; I take this morning, the morning of her last day on this earth to honor her in that faith.

We all need to look at ourselves and ask one simple question.  Do I make things more complicated than they need to be? The word is simple.  Christ lived, died, and walked out of the grave so we can walk in newness with him.  Just grasp this simple truth; Father will take care of the rest.

Go in peace]