Mark 9:33-37

                                                                Who is the greatest?

                Who is the greatest?  That is the question that the disciples were arguing about.  The Christ had the answer.  If one looks at his answer it is quite amazing.  The greatest in Father’s kingdom will be one who is totally humble.  It will be one who has such a simple trust that those around him/her will be totally amazed.  Something else happened here.  He picks up a child places him/her on his lap, and says, “If anyone receives one of these little one in my name receives me.”  I have a close friend whose daughter just had her first child.  My friend is now a grandmother, and oh is she excited!  That my friend is what the Christ is talking about here.  When we receive one of these little ones in Christ name we are receiving Christ.  When we receive Christ we receive God himself.  Does that mean the opposite is true as well?  When one is abusive to a child, or when one kills a child before its born does that mean that person is rejecting God himself?  If we look at Luke 17:2 it would appear that is the case.  The Christ states clearly that it would be better to have a millstone tied around one’s neck and be thrown into the see than to cause one of Father’s little ones to stumble.  My brother and sister (brother through marriage) have three grandsons’ that they received that were brought into their life through the marriage of their daughter.  They are an example of the positive impact that receiving kids in Christ name can have on these kids as they grow in Christ through believing grandparents.   Kids are placed in our lives for the reason of us being an example of what a Jesus Follower really looks like.  Today, as you go about whatever you’re going to do today, be that example.  If Father brings a kid across your path, bless that child in the name of Christ.

Go in peace]