Mark 9:2-13

                                                This is my beloved Son, Listen to him.

In the heat of the moment things are said that should not be.  Tempers flair and wedges are thrown into relationships that should not be.  Yesterday we lost a great woman,  We lost my mother in law.  The woman who had raised my late wife.  Both great women of our Father.   In situations such as this with funeral preparations being made, and people each thinking of what has to be done, and all people looking out for the best interst of as many as possible there are going to be disagreements.  How many times do these words ring in our ears, “This is my beloved Son, listen to him.”  And yet we don’t listen.  I have no excuses.  I was wrong.  The words of our lord ring in my ears.  As far as possible be at peace with all men.  It’s not about me, It’s about honoring my Mother in law.  It’s about being a witness to the power and grace that she showed through out her life.  It’s about lifting up Christ and showing his greatness.  Its about listening to the Holy Spirit and his leading.

Go in peace