Mark 7:24-30

Let me set up the scene.  Jesus the Christ is tired.  Physically tired, he just wants to get some rest.  There is this gentile woman who keeps coming after him, her daughter has a demon.  She knows where the power of the universe resides, in the Christ that is right in front of her, and she loves her daughter. 

A mother has a basic instinct to protect her child. Father put it there, and he honors its use.  This mother’s complete focus was on getting her daughter healed, delivered.  She would not stop asking the Christ for the release her daughter needed.  Christ took notice of the Faith this woman had, and he realized the total devotion she had to her child.  He gave her, her request. Her daughter was set free from that which set out to destroy her. That raises this question, how hard are we willing to work, how hard are we willing to pursue the Christ.  We know where the power of the universe lies.  And we know how to tap into the power, we simply ask.  Because of what the Christ did on the Cross, and because he walked out of the grave we have become one with God.  We are in him, and he in us. (John 17, Christ final prayer.) Father presents us with opportunity to use his power. Our responsibility is to use the power he has given us to see his kingdom expanded and to see lives changed forever.  I encourage each one of us to be that person who is an instrument of the Power of our Father in such a way that people  experience the Love and Caring of our Father in a meaningful way today.

Go in Father Grace and Love