Mark 6:7-13
                                                                                Are you willing to be sent out?
Here we see the Christ building the disciples faith.  He is sending them out with the shirt on their back.  Telling them to heal the sick and cast out demons.  Nothing has changed today.  I have walked into businesses and prayed for people I have called on, and they have been healed.  We are still being sent out by Father today.  The questions being asked this morning is are you willing to go? Are  you willing to be sent out by Father as a emissary to the lost and hurting in your area.  The blessing that come upon each of us as we go out and share with those Father uses his spirit to bring across our path are amazing.  Seeing someone‚Äôs life changed forever because we are willing to share the Christ is an amazing experience so powerful that few other experiences come close.  I can think of a couple. My wedding day and the birth of my 4 children was more powerful.  But few compare.  I know there is fear of being rejected, but we must think of that person possibly burning in hell, and realize that the few minutes of discomfort is something that we can live with for the reward of seeing Father through the Son by the Spirit build a relationship with this individual that will last forever.  I encourage all of us this day to be willing to be sent, to be willing to go forth and be that voice that people need to hear.
Go forth in the power of the most high.
Go in peace