Mark 4:21-43 

Jairus daughter

Jairus was a Leader of the temple.  He knew all about God.  He at this point had no where to turn because his daughter was dying.  His only Hope was in the Christ of God himself.  For anyone to lose a child is a hard thing, Losing a child is tougher to lose than a spouse I have heard…  I do not really want to find this out first hand. This I do know Jairus was at the most desperate time in his life.  He was panicked.  On the way to his house his servants came to him to tell him his daughter had died.  Jesus tells him not to worry she only sleeps.  The Christ of God raises her from the dead.  Yet even with all of this he does not come to Christ’s defense when he is brought before Pilate.  He does not come to his defense when Christ is before the other rulers of the temple.  Yet the Christ gave him back one of the most important things in his life his Daughter.  The primary reason is man’s redemption.  But a secondary lesson for us is fear is a paralyzer.  We will know exactly what to do, and out of fear not do it.   There is a reason Christ tells us over and over to fear not.  Be of good courage the enemy prowls around like a roaring lion. That my friend is a paper lion.  I think it’s time for us to take matches to those paper lions.  It’s time for us to walk in the courage that Christ is calling us to.  It’s time for us to rely on the Holy Spirit that dwells within us and walk in His courage, and his might and see great things happen.

Be of great courage

Go in peace