Mark 4:1-9
                                                                What seed are we sowing?
It’s not a matter of are we sowing seed, it’s a matter of what kind of seed are we sowing.    We sow either seeds of grace and love of the Father through the Son by the Spirit, or we sow seeds of discontent and distrust. When we are truly connected to our Father through the Son by the Spirit the seeds we sow are seeds that will bring love to the people we come in contact with.   The words we say, the things we do should have a cumulative effect of building up the people around us in such a way that they are drawn to what we have. That thing we have is the love of the Father through the Son.  So, as you go out this day do so in a way that brings glory to the Father.  As you do so watch the reaction of the people around you as you sow the good seed.
Go in peace