Mark 3:1-6
                                                                   He called Him/them out.
Here we see the Christ calling the man with the withered hand to come forth.  The Christ in his infinite wisdom was about to teach a lesson that would ring out through the centuries.  He is about to show the Pharisees for what they are, hypocrites.   The Christ asked them the key question of the day. “Is it lawful to do good on the Sabbath?  The Pharisees of the day were so locked into their laws that they forgot that our Father in heaven cares about us personally.  The law was given to protect the people.  The law was given as a guide for the expression of Fathers love given to us and for us to give to one another.  Remember the Sabbath was given for us as a day of rest and rebuilding our lives.  It was given as a day to concentrate on having fellowship with our Father through the Son by the Spirit.  The Pharisees of the day had made it a tool to keep the people under their thumb.   Jesus the Christ would have nothing of it.   Again the question comes to mind.  The point the Christ made in the previous chapter was the Sabbath was made for man.  When Jesus told people this it was to get people to realize that Father wants that personal relationship with us.  That our Father in heaven wants us to know him intimately and for us to realize this day is set aside for that relationship to be enhanced.   Next time you see leadership being over legalistic start asking questions.  Go to the scripture and see what the word really says about the topic at hand.  Fathers rules are hard and fast.   Again for the protection of us, his kids.  
The question that comes to my mind however, is this.  What is the heart of the law that Father put forth.  The Son fulfilled the law. We can’t work our way to heaven.  The rules that are laid out are to give us a path to follow on the daily handling of relationship with others.  We will mess up. There is forgiveness.  We walk in grace that we are saved not of ourselves lest anyone would boast.  Rules and regulations don’t save us.  It’s the blood of Jesus the Christ that saves us.  The point here is we are not slaves to the law.  We are bought with a price.  Walk in the freedom that Christ gives us.
Go in peace