Mark 16:1-19
Go into all the world.
The Christ shows himself to two of his disciples. The problem was when they told the other disciples they did not believe. I can almost see the Christ shaking his head. He was with them for 3.5 years. He had told them over and over again what would happen. They had seen him raise the dead. After all of this they still doubted. This portion of scripture tells us that the Christ rebuked them for their unbelief. If we look at John 20:29 we see the Christ telling his followers blessed are those who have not see yet believe. He states that all who believe and are baptized will be saved. Those who do not believe will be condemned. Father wants fellowship with us through the son by the spirit. He will not force himself on us, but draws men/women into him by his Holy Spirit. In Mark we are told to go to the whole world. The world starts when we walk out the door. The world starts in our place of work. The world starts in our businesses. Today as we go out, lets us be the one who shares from our deepest depth. Let us be the one who is willing to step out of our shell to see those around us touched. Let us be the one who is willing to put it all on the line for the Christ. An easy way to start it is to simply ask what is the best thing that ever happened to the other individual. After that simply ask if you can share what the best thing that ever happened to you. Then go into your testimony. Try it. See what our Father will do through you. Experience what happens as the Spirit of God starts speaking through you by the Son.
Go in peace