Mark 1:40-45
                                                                        The leper is cleansed.
In the time of Christ leprosy was a fatal disease that would eat a person alive.  It started as a white spot and continued until the person lost limbs and eventually died.  It is a nasty disease that unchecked slowly destroys a person bit by bit.  Today that disease has for the most part been wiped out.  However, in a person’s spiritual life compromise does the same thing.  We can start out with a little here, a little there. The problem is the end is the same. It is a slow death. It eats away at a person’s self-respect in a way that eventually kills that person’s vision that our Father has placed within their hearts.  I have two questions that each one of us must answer today.  What part of Father’s purpose have you been placed on this earth to carry out.  What vision has he given you to do that?  Once you have these two questions answered then go forth and let nothing get in your way of that vision.  Do not compromise on the vision that our Father through Son by The Spirit has given you.
Go in peace