Mark 1:16-20
                                                                                I will make you fishers of Men.
                As we take this piece of history and apply it to today we are asked one simple question.  Are we willing to be the fishers?  Are we willing to be the one who leaves our boats (comfort zones) and be the one who searches high and low to bring someone to the Christ?  These guys saw something in the Christ they had never seen in a man before.   They were looking into the face of the son of God himself but at this time had no idea who he really was.  All they knew was they had to follow this guy wherever he led them.  What they did not understand was that what they were being led into would have an influence on millions maybe even billions of people for eternity.   That raises this question.  Are we willing to be used to see people lives changed, and hence the ones who come after them changed forever?    As we go out today let those words ring in our ears.  “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.”   My friend it’s time to go fishin.
Go in peace