Mark 11:25    
Several places we are told to forgive that we may be forgiven. Let me state this, to forgive does not mean one has to allow themselves to be put back into a position of abuse.  That would just cause the abused to have to deal with a harm done to them and go through the whole situation again.  To forgive means to let go. It means not to hold onto that which has hurt us.  When we sin we hurt God our Father. We hurt our relationship with the Son and the Spirit as well.  When we say the Lords prayer we are praying Father forgive us as we forgive those who sinned against us.  When we hold onto something someone else has done to us it does not hurt them, it hurts us.  Let me repeat what I said above. Forgiveness does not mean going back into a situation that we are hurt in.  It means not holding onto that hurt, but letting it go.  When we let something go then the Holy Spirit can put his ointment on the wound and it can heal. When the wound heals then we can once again walk in the power given to us by the Spirit himself.   It’s time to look at our lives. It’s time to ask Father to reveal what we really do have to forgive. It’s time to walk away from hurt in our lives. It’s time to daily walk in the Spirits newness, and freshness.
Go in peace