Mark 11:12-26 
                                                                           Are we the fig tree?
In the morning Christ was walking along the road.  He sees this fig tree, he is hungry, goes to the tree nothing on it.  It’s useless to him.  He curses it and it dies.  The Christ used this as a lesson in faith for his disciples.  I see another lesson here.  We are all given gifts.  We can choose to use those gifts, or we can choose to not use those gifts and by doing so we become as useful as a baron tree.  A tree that produces fruit is able to pass some of its life unto us as we eat of the fruit of said tree.  If the fruit of the tree is not there we cannot take of its fruit and be nourished.  The question each and everyone of us must ask ourselves is if we were a fruit tree, would we produce the fruit that people could take of and be nourished, or would we produce fruit that would make people sick, or produce nothing at all?  If the fruit we are producing is the good fruit then we will see those around us take it, eat it, and be nourished.
It’s time to look at our lives, what kind of fruit are we producing.  Are we able to be used by Father in a way that brings other people to him?  I encourage you my friend to look at yourself today.  What are you producing?
Go in peace