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Subject: Mark 1:1-9 The first promise

Mark 1:1-9
The first promise
Here is where we see the promise of Pentecost. John is standing telling to Jews there comes one after him so great that he is not worthy to untie his sandals. He is stating that he baptizes with water, but the one who comes after him will baptize with the Holy Spirit. This is the first promise in the Gospel of Mark. When one is baptized one is totally covered with water. That symbolizes our Father totally enveloping us in a way that his promise is to care for us as a Mother hen protects her chicks. When a person is “baptized” with the Holy Spirit one has the spirit become part of their whole being. They in turn become one with the Holy Spirit. (john 17) My question today is this. Why do so many believers run from the promise? If God, our Father exists in three person why do we run from the third part of the God head. WE ARE PROMISED THE BAPTISM OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. The baptism of the Holy Spirit is not something we should be running from. The baptism of the Holy Spirit is something we should embrace. In 1st Corinthians 14:5 Paul writes that he wished that we all spoke in tongues, be even more that we would prophesy. I am of the mind set that Father gives the gifts. To say one must have this gift or that to be filled with God’s spirit is wrong in my opinion. I think that is where the fear comes in. When people feel that unless they have this gift or that they are not filled with the spirit gives people the idea they are second rate believers if they don’t have certain gifts. Our Father is the one who decides how he is going to use us. He is the one who understands us better than we understand ourselves. However, we cannot walk away from the giftings that our Father has given us. Don’t be scared of any of the Spirits gifts. Look at what your gifted in and excel at it. Personally I would that we all spoke in tongues. But the scripture tells us that it is the least of the gifts. We operate in our gifts everyday of our lives. Whether we are helping another person, or praying we are operating in our giftings. The thing we need to have in the for front of our minds is this. Who get’s the glory. Are we taking the glory for ourselves, or does it go to Father. We have a choice everyday. We can operate in the giftings God has given us or not.
Walk in your giftings.
Go in peace