Mark 1:1-3
                                                                Are we willing to be the voice?
Mark quotes Isaiah the prophet and shows John the Baptist as the fulfillment of said prophecy. He was   the voice of one crying in the wilderness to make His paths straight.     John the Baptist was exhorting each and every one of us to make his paths straight.  But where are those paths leading.   My friend those paths are leading directly to someone’s heart.  When a person walks on a path they can go out and return on the same path.  Every path goes two ways.  We are asked here to make his paths straight.  If we are making the paths for him to people’s hearts straight, then in the same  way we are making the paths for the all of us to him straight as well.  Over and over in the scripture we are called to NOT be a stumbling block.  We are called to keep that path straight between those who need the Christ and the Christ himself.   We do this by, in all that we do, as much as possible, trying to live a life above reproach.   Let’s be real here, we are all going to “mess us” at one point or another.  But we have to make the choice not to choose a path that is going to lead us to that point.  Billy Graham was a great example of one who would take extra ordinary steps to be that one living above reproach.   So I guess to make this clear and simple, we must watch our Ps. and Qs.   We must walk a life that is going to make the path clear and straight to the Christ as John was calling each and every one of us to.
Go in peace