Mark 10:8
                                                                And the two shall become one.
As I sit here tonight looking at a Photo of Sharon and me in her dad’s apple tree many thoughts go through my mind.  I have just finished the final edit on the book I have written.  I have had other people doing reads at the request of my publisher and received the same answer from all parties.  They could not put it down.  I am over joyed at the reaction of the people reading it. Yet the other half of me is not here to share on the joy I feel. I can hear some people saying, “Don’t worry she knows.”  I realize that but somehow it is not the same.  The question is this. When we marry God’s choice, we become one with that person.  If Father chooses to take that person first part of the one left behind dies with them.  I have been given great success with this project.  Father used a great many people for this project to go forward. I appreciate everything everyone has done for this project to succeed.  I am excited yet at the same time I miss my bride so much more.    To those who have experienced true oneness embrace it.
Go in peace