Mark 10:46-52

                                                                Bart receives his sight.

Yesterday we discussed Faith.  Again faith is knowing something is in Father Plan, we just know it.  Like the sun coming up in the morning Bart knew Christ had the power to touch him and restore his sight.  I implore each of us today, when our Father puts it on your heart, and you have the quiet confidence that it is something that he wants you to pursue, don’t quit.   Don’t back down, just keep pursuing it.  The people around Bart just wanted him to be quiet.  He would not.  He kept going after that which Father had put on his heart. That thing was his sight.  We all have at least one thing that Father would have us pursue. We all at least one thing that he has gifted us to accomplish and nothing can be allowed to stand in our way of accomplishing what he has set before us.   Do not let yourself get distracted by traps that are set to take you off course.  But set your mind on that which Father has laid out for you to accomplish and see that thing through to the completion that Father has put on your heart to accomplish.  If Bart had listened to those around him, and backed off he would have been denying those things which Father had put on his heart to accomplish, he would not have received his sight.  When you know in your heart what Father has for you, just keep walking forward to accomplish what he has laid before you.

Go in peace