Mark 10:17-22
                                Where was the rich young ruler’s heart?
Matthew 6:25 the Christ makes the point that where our treasure is there is our heart also.  We have many treasures in this life. Some treasures are worth having, some not.  Here is the bottom line.  Here is the absolute truth for our treasure.   James 1:17 states every perfect gift comes from above.  Matthew 6:33  Jesus the Christ tells us to seek first his kingdom, and then everything else is added.  In this day of name it and claim it theology peoples selfish desires are running rampant.  People are going to the Father and asking for things that are going to build them up.  They are asking for things to make their life easier.  Our life being made easier cannot be our main focus in this life.  Our main focus has to be on seeing the lives of those around us being touched by the power of the spirit in such a way that their lives are changed and the lives of those around them are changed as well.  I am not saying we should live in poverty.  I own a small business, I work hard, and I am concerned about revenue.  But if it is taken from me I will continue to serve our Father in whatever he has me do.  We must be defined by our Father and not by our jobs, or how much money we have.  When people see our Families they must see Fathers working through them. Our kids and grandkids are our heritage.  The gifts we are given are for one purpose, to see Father’s kingdom expanded. 
Remember seek first Gods kingdom. Everything else he adds is for the building of his kingdom
Go in peace