Mark 10:14-15
                                                                                    Let the children come to me.
Imagine if you will the year is 1955 you’re standing outside a little country church.  You hear the music inside.  The music stops and 50 to 60 young children come out singing, running down the steps.  They are all happy and joyful.  Now you’re at the same church, now its 57 years later.  A few children are coming out, shrugging their shoulders. Wondering what it’s all about.  I ask each and every one of us this morning this question.  Are we bringing our children and grandchildren to the throne of grace in a way that Father through the Son by the spirit can touch their hearts and minds?    Remember this; Father has a role for each and every one he creates in his purpose.   The only way that our children and grandchildren can find the personal intimate relationship with the Father is to be brought to him.  We have that obligation to bring them to him. Remember true greatness happens when one is doing that thing for which he/she was created to do.
Go in peace