Mark 10:1-9
                                                              Jesus defender of women.
                Today I was at Designed for Health in Coquet.  I like to do mini book signings for my retailers.  I will stop by one here or there just to see if I can help raise interest in Eli greatness begins the book I authored.   I signed two books in 10 minutes.  The second lady who bought a book asked me a question that caught me a bit off guard.  She made the statement asking about Christ’s wife. He never had one. But her point was that the Bible was about men.   I could see this not going well if I tried to pursue it. I decided to do a bit of research.  All we have to do is look a couple of places and see the Christ’s real views on the fairer sex.  Let’s look at the woman caught in adultery.  Christ knew what it would take to get her out of the situation she had gotten herself into.  However she was told to go and sin no more.  The guy however is not mentioned.  That may be because he was allowed to leave by the Pharisees.  Then we have the guy who could write his wife a certificate of divorcement.   This is where the Christ really nails them.  A woman’s worth was based on her being married, and baring children.  When a man would divorce his wife she would walk away with nothing.  That would be totally unjust.  Christ was about taking care of the ones who were unjustly treated.  We must be about our Fathers business as well.  If you see someone who is being unjustly treated stop it.
Go in peace