Malachi 4
                                                                   The saved and the Lost.
In this prophesy Malachi is given the word the draws a stark contrast between the lost and the redeemed.  Those who have chosen to walk in rebellion are made to be dust that the redeemed walk on.  This is a stark picture of the bad situation that the lost will be in.  The fact of the matter is this; no one has to be in the position of being dirt.  All can come to the knowledge of the redemption of Christ.  All can come to understand that it is the Christ whose blood shed on the cross cleansed us so we could be the ones walking.  Peter is quoted in the book of John 6:58. When the Christ asks his followers if they are going to leave Peter answers. “Lord to who would we go, you have the words of eternal life.”  Today we have Christ’s spirit dwelling within us.  We now have those words at our disposal.  The question is are we sharing them.  When we come in contact with people are we willing to share those words?  Are we willing to be that person who can share the words that the person needs to hear to start to walk in the newness and love that Father has to offer?  Let’s be real here. People are either going to walk with Father or they will be walked on like dirt, according to the words given to Malachi.  Our choice is this. We can walk away from that person Father puts in our path realizing that this person may be one that ends up as dirt. Or we can share the words of eternal life that we have been given and see this person walking forever.
Go in peace