Luke 8:4-8
                                                                                Colleen and DJ.
                Tonight I was riding with the Christian Motorcycle Association.  We went to an eating establishment in Moose Lake.   Gampers was the name of the restaurant.  I really had a feeling I should take a copy of Eli in with me.  I really did not understand why, at least not yet.  All of my buds who ride have copies, but I really felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit to do so.  At dinner the lord made it clear the book was to be part of the tip for my waitress.  So when Holly came to deliver our food I popped the question.  Do you like to read?   She said she loved to read.  I told her I was going to give her a special tip, I gave her a copy of Eli and signed it.  Her excitement was amazing.  But that was not what would really get to me this night.  You see another waitress came up to the table and explained that I had gone into her place where she worked and just about forced her to buy the book.  To be honest I could remember little of it.  But she would soon tell me she gave it to her son.  DJ. He has a drug problem.  Shortly after beginning to read Eli he decided to put himself back into treatment.   We then took the time to pray for DJ. Soon after we left. 8 bikers headed north to go home.  But this I know.  Father is using this project.  The lesson is this.  We must do what he instructs us instantly.  When we do we will begins to see amazing things.  I don’t fully understand the power that this story seems to have.  But this I do know our Father in heaven is using it. 
Go in peace